Perfume gear up for the home release of their Gurun Gurun tour and act like LEVEL3 didn't happen

Perfume's will be dropping a home release of their Gurun Gurun tour in March. Or what I like to call the Farewell LEVEL3 tour, because Gurun Gurun made out like LEVEL3 did not happen. Yes, there was "Party maker". But that performance got scaled down for Gurun Gurun like lives weren't put in danger on hydraulic lifts in the Tokyo dome a year ago and none of it ever happened.

I forgot all about this tour because it came and went so fast and it wasn't really all that memorable. Gurun Gurun was one of Perfume's least memorable tours because there was nothing special about it. The girls had great energy throughout, the outfits didn't completely suck and the setlist was decent. But the lack of a concept and a tour defining performance left a lot to be desired.

Perfume's World tour 3rd was conceptually tighter than Gurun Gurun and had one killer performance which had everybody talking. Forget Gurun Gurun. We need a home release of World tour 3rd.


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