Music video: Jolin Tsai & Namie Amuro - I'm not yours

Jolin Tsai is on a fucking roll. She has been consistently rolling out with music videos created on a budget that top tier chicks in J-Pop haven't been able to get since 2009.

In "Medusa" she strutted in looking like the Queen of Versace (Bye Gaga). In "Play" Jolin drew us into her own Simlish type world for a video which was genuinely funny, and for "I'm not yours" Jolin bosses with her bad bitches in a setting which looks like some Chinese brothel, with none other than Namie Amuro playing her chief madame. Ayumi Hamasaki is wishing she had gotten this video treatment for "XOXO" and Kumi Koda is looking for the ship that sailed that is her Japonesque album and wondering why she didn't shoot a video like this.

Namie's English continues to baffle me. There I was singing her praises after hearing "Alive" and "La la la" from her album Feel, then she comes with her 'Mirror mirror of the world' and misspells the word 'GIRL'. I know the misspelling is not her fault, as Jolin wrote the lyrics, but she's asking to be trolled with that one. I can't speak for how well Namie handled the Mandarin, but I like how she sounds singing in it.

It would have been nice to see Jolin and Namie dance together, but Jolin probably had to pay her a 6 zero figure just to get her to turn up for the shoot and sit on a couch with a fan. But Namie did look hairboonly, as did Jolin, and the song's not too shabby neither.


  1. Video out of sync. Her lips aren't matching anything. Then video pops in sync and out again. What kind of technology is this?

  2. Miming MiMi is a hot mess all around these days, including her recent interview on Ellen where she announced her new Vegas residency and even did a French Maid getup to surprise some unexpecting fans with tickets. She can't really give me new life with her vocals or music like her old-school classics did but at least she maintains that Queen Shade persona to the 'e' (hopefully in due time we'll get another career defining album with some smash hits and recovered sales with that NEW record deal)...Britney Spears, please be taking some notes!


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