Music video: Girls' generation - Catch me if you can

Girls' generation have gone all Ciara "Work" for their latest single "Catch me if you can". The girls have recorded the song and video in both Korean and Japanese. The videos are exactly the same, and the Japanese version of the song manages to retain the same rhythmic pattern as its Korean counterpart. But purely for the sake of Korean being what these girls are fluent in, the Korean versions beats out. The Japanese version feels rather choppy as a result of the girls putting so much focus on the enunciation.

The dance routine for "Catch me if you can" is pretty solid, but the editing in this video makes the girls look better at it than they actually are, with the exception of Hyoyeon who eats routines for breakfast. Watch these girls perform the song live and you will get all of the usual traits that come with Girls' generation performing any dance routine live. Sloppy movement, an inability to keep in time and moments of complete uncertainty if they're even doing the right moves.

The girls look great in this video. The production in the song is strong, but the song itself doesn't stick in the ways you would expect a Girls' generation song to. As much as I disliked "I got a boy" when I first heard it, it stuck in my head for weeks. I can not say the same for "Mr. Mr." nor "Catch me if you can". They're just generic songs and the visuals in neither video are strong enough to even give you a vivid reference by which to remember the song - not in the same way as colour skinny jeans in "Gee", sailor outfits in "Genie" and try hard street fashion in "I got a boy".


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