Music video: Ariana Grande - Focus

To sum "Focus" up, it is "Problem" (Part 2) without the assistance of Big Sean and Iggy Azalea. Big horns, kiss off lyrics and Ariana trying to act sexy in the music video. It's clear that the objective with "Focus" was just to mirror "Problem" and not a great deal else - despite its follow up "Break free" being the better song.

Ariana's image still seems forced, but she at least seems more comfortable this time around than she did before. Her hair and make-up are on par with her dancing ability. Now, I am by no means a make-up expert, but her make-up  in the close-ups looks off. Her make-up looks as though it has been painted and caked onto her face.

Ariana Grande's third studio album Moonlight is due for release in 2016. I hope that "Focus" is not indicative of the album being more of the same. It would be a much welcomed and needed surprise if her album took a U-turn. Ariana has a good voice and as a grown woman, she has a lot to say, as is evidenced in many of her interviews and social media presence. But neither of these are fully conveyed in her music.

I'll light a candle on my CD copy of "Leave (Get out)" and pray that JoJo's new album sees the light of day, because I know she will give me what Ariana cannot. At the age of 15 JoJo gave me what Ariana couldn't give me on two accounts in her early 20s.