Music video: Namie Amuro - Red carpet

This video is about the closest you may ever get to Namie and a red carpet, because this woman does not show up for shit. Promo and public appearances are not in her job description.

Part of me was hoping that "Red carpet" and its B-side "Black make up" would be a song about women being on their periods and cultural appropriation respectively. Namie could have had a pop game changer on her hands. But I don't think Japan is quite ready for that just yet.

"Red carpet" shares a similar visual aesthetic to her 2005 festive bop "White light", which I loved and still love. I'm not in love with this song. It's very generic and by numbers, much in the same way that "Anything" was. It literally feels as though Namie is ticking off top 20 US radio sounds that she wants to give her take on without giving much else. It is however nice to have Namie singing in Japanese again.