Perfume preview a new song "Next stage with you" in exchange for money from Mercedes Benz

Perfume x Mercedes Benz - Next stage with you | Random J Pop

With no album in 2015 and a film which hardly broke the box office, Perfume and their staff of tech wizards 'n' geniuses need to get paid somehow. Enter Mercedes Benz, who threw money at Yasutaka Nakata for a song and slid a check at Perfume for their likenesses to be used in a commercial for their latest A-class series of car.

I'm no car fanatic. I'm sure no Perfume fans gives a damn about the car neither. We are all here for the new song "Next stage with you", which sounds pretty good coming off the back of a year which yielded a string of lacklustre and inconsistent songs.

"Next stage with you" sounds like something from Perfume's second studio album Triangle, which had a very 70s 80s electro focus. It has the Daft Punk-esque qualities as "Dream fighter" and a routine which resembles "Night flight", both of which featured on the album. Triangle is one of my favourite Perfume albums, the overall sound of which I adore. So selfishly, I'm all for Nakata throwing the sound of this song back to that period of Perfume's music.

It's nice to finally hear a song from Perfume which sounds like Perfume, and doesn't come off like a Capsule or Pamyu Pamyu song that's been thrown to the girls like leftover Sunday dinner scraps to a pig - which is essentially what Nakata has spent the entirety of 2015 doing to them.

The virtual version of Perfume was designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto of Evangelion fame. A look which Perfume's stylists have already butchered.


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