Music video: Janet Jackson - Dammn baby

Fresh off the back of the news that Janet Jackson is pregnant and expecting her first child, she drops a music video for the aptly named "Dammn baby" from her eleventh studio album Unbreakable.

"Dammn baby" is one of the tracks on Unbreakable that I always skip, because it's so reductive and a complete unashamed take of that signature DJ Mustard sound that I'm sick to death of and never liked in the first place. I can barely understand a damn word Janet is singing on this track. (Shout outs to the lyric video). But, given Janet's baby news, I get it.

Janet looks great in the video, even if the video itself is boring to watch and strangely edited. Janet did this type of video 6 years ago with "Make me" and did it better. Fans best savour this and start to fall back in her old videography, because we may not see anything new from Janet for a good few years.

It's a real shame that Janet didn't entertain the idea of lining up singles and music videos to drop from Unbreakable whilst she was touring, as it would have helped give extra legs to an album which seemed to be forgotten about swiftly after its release. It also would have helped garner interest in her tour, the tickets of which seemed to be struggling to sell. Unbreakable is a nice album with no shortage of potential singles. "Burn it up!" not receiving an official video was a huge misfire, as was not dropping visuals for "2 B loved", "Take me away" and "Night" all of which could have been strong singles and sat nicely on radio airwaves.

Watch how she names her child Michael, whether it's a boy or a girl.


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