Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Sai & Co

Every song Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has released post Nanda collection has been a form of disappointment. So it's nice to hear a song from her which doesn't suck. Not only is it nice to hear Kyary sing without (too much) auto tune, but it's good hearing her sing in a key that doesn't leave my ears ringing. If only Nakata could be consistent with this. This song see's Pamyu Pamyu and Nakata back on that A-game Nanda collection tip and I love it. That chorus tho.

The title of the song is a play on the Japanese word saikou which means the greatest, so the song title literally translates into English as "Great & Est". This has a dual meaning in its original Japanese form, given that the song itself features in a Coca-Cola commercial. Nakata always be sneaking in product references into songs he writes for tie-ins, so I wouldn't be surprised if the lyrics mentioned something about how drinking brown coloured carbonated beverages is the greatest thing ever in the whole entire world. He ain't slick nor subtle.

Yet again we see the lines between Pussy Pam material and Perfume being smudged to hell and back. Because if you were to switch out Pamyu Pamyu's vocals with Perfume's, this could easily sit within the tracklist for Cosmic explorer and fit perfectly in place of deadweights on that album such as "Baby face" or dare I say it: "Tokimeki lights" - which is the song that "Sai & Co" is probably most comparable to on that album.

Still, this is a great song with an equally great video. None of it makes sense, but when do Pussy Pam's videos ever?


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