Perfume debut new song "Houseki no ame" in some toothpaste commercial

Perfume x Ora2: Beauty project (featuring "Houseki no ame") | Random J Pop

In Perfume fashion, fresh off of a new tour and just before the year closes out, comes a new song in a TV commercial.

If you were hoping for hotness from Perfume to take into 2017 and erase the mess that were Perfume's singles and TV commercial tie-ins from 2016 ("Pick me up" being the ONLY exception), then I suggest you keep moving along.

The song in this commercial is "Houseki no ame" and it sounds like a Pamyu Pamyu song. Near enough every new song Perfume has released over the course of 2016 has solicited a 'This sounds like a Pamyu Pamyu song' from me.

Not only do Perfume and Pamyu Pamyu's music sound alike, but they're doing a tie in with same company and range of dental care that Pamyu Pamyu was the face of back in 2013.

I honest to God wish Perfume's team would take some action to really pull them apart from Pamyu Pamyu and also Yasutaka Nakata, who is barely giving a fuck to either act when it comes to their music. But that's a whole 'nother rant of a post.

"Houseki no ame" sounds like a nice song, but there's nothing to it. It's so disheartening that off the back of off album cuts such as "Cosmic explorer" and "Miracle worker" which really pushed Perfume's sound forward, that we're back to this safe, cutesy shit again.

As Nakata always does with these tie-in songs, the lyrics to "Houseki no ame" are probably about how white, sparkly and fresh the toothpaste is. The nerve, given that he doesn't look like he's brushed his teeth since the physical release of "Linear motor girl".

I'm borderline done with Perfume's music. My expectation for them to give me continual hotness took a head first dive into a wasteland with how botched their single releases in 2016 were and the messy roll out of Cosmic explorer.