Music video: Mariah Carey featuring YG - I don't

Music video: Mariah Carey featuring YG - I don't | Random J Pop

I've ridden with Mariah since "Vision of love". From the oversized blazers and MTV Unplugged days, to the bikini tops and heels of "Honey". I even stayed riding when the wheels were falling off during Glitter. Bottom line, I like Mariah. I always have. But her music and her image has been in a weird lull since The emancipation of Mimi, the last album where Mariah seemed to get both things right. And now with this song "I don't", I'm left here screwing up my face like a real housewife of Atlanta at a dinner table.

The video distracted me greatly from the song, which actually isn't that bad.

Mariah directed this video herself. Check the YouTube comments of it and you'll see Lambs talking about how amazing a feat this is. All I saw was a badly shot video with really questionable outfits. Having Munroe film her  mother struggle in the back seat of a Bentley from the balcony whilst Moroccan stands by with a water loaded NERF gun in case her dress train catches fire is not something I can give a thumbs up to. The music video was awful.

Mariah has been in dire need of a new creative director for many, many years. But this video is a cry for help. I can't with these looks and awkward poses.