Perfume to release an actual Perfume 'Perfume of Perfume'

Perfume by Perfume. A new fragrance from Perfume | Random J Pop

It's happening. Perfume are actually releasing a Perfume, called Perfume of Perfume. The name is hardly original and it won't show in Google search results for shit. But at least it isn't called Isosceles, Pythagoras or Tetrahedron. Japan likes to draw out the names of things, so I wouldn't be surprised if the full fragrance tagline was 'Perfume of Perfume a new Perfume from Perfume'.

The promo shots for Perfume of Perfume are really nice. It's good to see they went with something chic and a bit typical, as opposed to the usual MO of Perfume looking like Super Sentai in heels. I'm shocked that somebody got A-chan to show cleavage. I thought cleavage was banned in Perfume. So much so to the point that I forget these girls have breasts. Because their outfits don't show off a damn thing but legs.

The promo for Perfume debut fragrance was shot by Yasunari Kikuma, who also shot Perfume for their Cosmic explorer tour booklet and pretty much all of their single covers from "Cling cling" onward, including "Tokyo girl". Yasunari Kikuma has also shot for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Namie Amuro and Hikaru Utada. The This is the one album cover? Yep. He shot that.