Listen: Crush Club - We dance

Crush Club - We dance | Random J Pop

New York dance group Avan Lava members producer Le Chev and TC Hennes have broken off to form a new duo by the name of Crush Club. The duo only have 3 songs under their newly formed belts, but they already have a set sound. Disco.

Avan Lava's discography has hopped from era to era from release-to-release. Their debut EP Flex Fantasy was all about the 80s, the follow up So f*kt up was all about the 00s, whilst Make it real was straight 90s. So it feels almost fitting that the 2 front-running members of Avan Lava would break off and jump into the 70s.

One of the groups' songs "We dance" does Disco by the book. The Chic style bass, the piano chords, the roaring chorus and the slow breakdown within the middle 8. It ticks off every single early Disco cliche unashamedly and pulls it off with flying colours for a song which is so fun, funky and dance-able that you can't help but tip your hat off to it for the sheer audacity and ingenuity. But at the heart of it all is also a fucking good song.

If Crush Club want a hit on their hands, they'll shoot a video to this pronto. If Netflix's The Get Down hadn't been cancelled, this would have been a perfect song to feature within it.