Hikaru Utada's debuts a new song "Oozora de dakishimete" in a TV commercial

Hikaru Utada - Oozora de dakishimete | Random J Pop

The nerve of Hikaru Utada. The damn nerve of this woman to be out there as the face of Suntory natural spring water, when she left her fans thirsty as hell for 8 years until she released her sixth studio album Fantôme in September of 2016. And despite there being a question mark over whether Hikaru would abandon music again for another near decade, here she is is 9 months later teasing us with a new song "Oozora de dakishimete".

I'm not gonna act like I'm in love with this song or Hikaru's Heart station / This is the one throwback hair style. Everything about this feels so 2008. The instrumentation in the song feels so basic. It reminds me of Fantôme opener "Michi", a song which left me feeling underwhelmed because the production on it felt so unpolished and hollow. I know this is only a 1 minute snippet of the song, but I can't see the full thing doing much more for me.

It's good to know that Hikaru (for the time being) is active in music again. But with her you never know. I want to be able to say that this means we will get more music from Hikaru this year, but you just never know. That Suntory money must be good to have made her drop another song so quick though.

"Oozora de dakishimete" will be available for download from July 10.