Music video: BoA - Camo

Music video: BoA - Camo | Random J Pop

The queen of inconsistency that is BoA still reigns with "Camo". A music video for which all of its setups, looks and visual effects fails to leave much of a mark.

The video and the song are both disappointing, because we've seen and heard this from BoA many, many, MANY times before. "Camo" is such a huge step back from the likes of "Only you" and "Kiss my lips", both of which showed that BoA was actually capable of delivering something which exhibited a sense of growth off her and SM entertainment's beaten path. I would have expected something this basic and generic for her Japanese release. But make no doubt that Japan will get its own version of "Camo" soon enough.

"Camo" is produced by US production duo The Underdogs, who have produced for the likes of Justin Timberlake, JoJo, Chris Brown and Beyoncé. They are no strangers to working with SM entertainment, having also produced songs for SHINee, EXO and Girls' generation.

SM apparently have comedians writing their product copy, because this is the official YouTube video description of "Camo".

A dance genre song with heavy base and synth sounds that are accompanied by BoA's powerful vocal performance.

Powerful? Sure, okay.

The music video is just a clusterfuck of "Hurricane Venus", "Copy and paste", "The shadow", "Kiss my lips" and nothing more. The whole thing felt like 2 completely separate music videos cut together. BoA looks good, but she always looks good. Ain't a damn thing new. I'm all for familiarity and re-hashing if the end result is hot. But "Camo" can honest-to-God go sit in a bush somewhere and keeps it ass quiet.

Let's hope the inevitable album features bops for redemption.