Perfume sing about a Panasonic washing machine in their song "Everyday"

Perfume x Panasonic - Everyday | Random J Pop

Panasonic call on Perfume again to plug on of their appliances. This time a washing machine. The TV commercial features a new Perfume song called "Everyday", and if this goes how shit always goes with Perfume, this song will feature as a B-side on their 23rd single.

"Everyday" sounds like a variant of "Baby face" and "Houseki no ame", neither song of which I thought highly of.

Perfume's product tie-in songs usually have their songwriter / producer Nakata Yasutaka being quite overly literal with the lyrics. Their song "Display" was used for a TV commercial and it was dead-ass a song about a TV. "Next stage with you" was used in a Mercedes Benz commercial with lyrics which were some 'wheels on the bus go round and round' type bullshit. So I'm sure the context of the lyrics in "Everyday" are about how their washing machine makes them happy everyday. No, I'm not joking. These girls are dancing in dresses which resemble soap suds on a sound stage made to look soap sud land, and the gestures in their dance routine mimic washing. You best believe the song is about a fucking washing machine.

I doubted whether the song in the commercial was even Perfume, because their vocals sound so...well...more normal than usual. Still hate the song though. This is not the direction I wanted Perfume's song to go in. And if they follow their trend of including B-sides on their albums, then we can all look forward to seeing mess this on their follow up to Cosmic explorer.