SM entertainment tease BoA's return with "Camo"

SM entertainment tease BoA's "Camo" | Random J Pop

It's been a minute since we've had anything new from BoA, but she's set to drop her first major Korean release since 2015's "Kiss my lips". By the looks of the teaser, the song will be called "Camo". The visuals look like a cross between "Kiss my lips" and Madonna's "Living for love". Lots of red, lots of light projections.

Basically, BoA is about to serve everybody a set of visuals that Identity's "Lazer" should have gotten 7 years ago. Yes, I'm still pressed that song was not made a proper single and that it got some dusty ass live performance footage for a video.

I feel as though Girls' generation have become a testing ground to see what could fly with BoA. Girls' generation got put in the studio with Teddy Riley for "The boys" and SM were like "Cool, let's put BoA in the studio with some black people". When Girls' generation drop a video on a set that looks aight, SM are like "Don't throw that shit away. Let's re-use it for BoA". When Girls' generation member and BoA-alike-kinda Hyoyeon had her moment which went down well SM thought, "Cool. Let's just bring BoA back".

Trust. Girls' generation be like a training mode for BoA.

Korea don't play with the teasers how Japan does. So expect the full video, a new album and a bunch of live performances to roll out in quick succession within a couple of weeks.

I've never been a huge fan of BoA, but I'm always checking out her shit when it drops. She's the full pop star package, but her Korean material over the past 7 years has all sounded the same, save for odd songs here and there. And her Japanese releases have been a mess for years.