Music video: Jessie Ware - Midnight

Music video: Jessie Ware - Midnight | Random J Pop

I forgot all about this bitch. And I feel ashamed. Because Jessie Ware was all up in my playlists in 2012 and 2014 when her albums dropped. But she's back with what looks like a genuine vengeance (or possible re-vengeance) with her new single "Midnight". 

The Tom Beard directed visual is pretty much what you'd expect from a Jessie Ware video. Her walking around, looking sultry, mood lighting and just pure fucking aesthetic.

Motherhood must have given Jessie's pipes a service, because she was giving me range and notes that I was not hearing on Devotion or Tough love. "Midnight" is a nice mix of the Jessie that we knew before with something a little new. This song went from some Legend of Zelda spilling of the tea type shit to "Benny and the jets" in a heartbeat and I'm all about it. It shouldn't work, but it does.

"Midnight" is produced by Danish producer Bastian Langebaek, who is largely unknown. Jessie has a thing for working with underdogs and up and comers, so this comes as no surprise. I'd put bets on his name featuring more than once in the production credits of Jessie's upcoming album and that he'll be one to watch over the next couple of years.

If "Midnight" is a sign of things to come from the inevitable follow-up album, then I'm all ears. I just hope that we get a full length album and not a damn EP, because I am ready for a new Jessie Ware album. Management had better make sure they don't fuck around with the singles, because I'm still pissed at how they did Tough love. They didn't just drop the ball with the promo of that album, they just let that shit roll into the gutter.