Taylor Swift drops her new single "Look what you made me do"...and so it continues...

Taylor Swift - Look what you made me do | Random J Pop

I get that Taylor has built her career on forms of retaliation. Before it was exes, then it was people in the media and her ridiculous feud with Katy Perry. That's her modus operandi. Fine. But the music needs to stay compelling, and her big comeback single "Look what you made me do" isn't. It sounds like a really, really rough demo of "Bad blood".

Swifties and folk on da blawgs are like 'Gurl slay. Shots fired'. Meanwhile I'm here having listened to the song looking for the shots like...

Where, where are they? [GIF] | Random J Pop

The lyrics sound so juvenile. It's probably a lot to ask from a pop star whose song lyrics aren't really that deep and often read like 'Stick and stones will break my bones'. This may also be rich coming from a guy who likes J-Pop songs with the lyrics "Hurly burly party, juicy, juicy sweetie". But I digress, the lyrics in this song are cringe worthy, even by Swift standards. The production is so bare bones and the structure is so weird (in a bad, broken and not really working kinda way) that I can't even say, 'but the production is poppin' tho', because it's just as weak as the lyrics.

"Look what you made me do" would work as an album intro or an album filler cut. But as a first single, Taylor should have come better. I don't think it'll matter either way, because of course it will be a hit.

Given the title of Swift's upcoming 6th studio album Reputation, "Look what you made me do" is either Swift playing up to what people expect of her, releasing a finger pointing type of song. Or going against it, by dropping a song that isn't a big pop zeitgiest of a song - although it'll become as such anyway, because it's Taylor Swift. Let's see if the music video fills in any gaps and gives the song a greater context.

I honestly don't have much in the way of expectations of Taylor Swift. She had some bops. Real talk. "New romantics" from her 1989 album was my jam. But even though I knew Taylor would have more shit to say about Katy Perry, and let's not front, that's who this song is more than likely about for the most part; I still though her comeback single would be better than this.