A look behind the scenes of Hikaru Utada's "Forevermore" video

Hikaru Utada - Forevermore | Random J Pop

Hikki fans. How are your edges? Mine are still tender from Hikaru having snatched them clean with "Forevermore". I have listened to it every day since the video dropped.

To keep the momentum of the song going, a behind the scenes look at the video has been uploaded to her official YouTube channel.

The video itself shows that Hikaru's team still have no idea how to 'do YouTube' or produce content for either her Japanese or worldwide fans. The video features interviews with the director of the video, Jamie-James Medina in English, with no subtitles for Japanese speakers. The video also features an interview with Hikaru Utada, who speaks in Japanese, with no English subtitles for English speakers. It's a type of a mess. But it's nice to have a look behind the scenes of what is easily one of Hikaru's most iconic videos, within a videography which is already pretty stellar as a whole.

Interestingly, Jamie mentioned a new album. A case of him referring to Fantôme or did Hikaru mention she was working on something new? I would say that an album is inevitable, especially with her move to Epic records. But with Hikaru Utada, you just never know 'when'. And if she is working on a new album right now, then we may not see nor hear anything of it anytime soon. We're already in September (can you fucking believe it's September already and that it's almost been a year since Fantôme first released?!) so there's little chance of her releasing a new album within this year. But I'd offer what is left of my edges for a surprise end of year release. Ain't gonna happen though. Could you imagine!?