Music video: Watch Björk throw hadouken's in "The gate"

Music video: Björk - The gate | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada is popping singles out not long after releasing her first studio album following an 8 year hiatus. And now Björk who is known for taking her sweet time in-between albums is set to release a new album only 2 years after the release of her 8th studio album Vulnicura. The moon must be in some hide tide for women with mad creativity and wig snatching, because...

The song is an odd one. Even by Björk's standards. I couldn't ever imagine myself listening to it unless I were watching the video, because the video is what captivates when the song doesn't. There are lots of pockets of silence throughout the song and there isn't a a constant melody to follow. But watching Björk throw hadouken's back and forth is pretty mesmerising.

Björk's creativity knows no bounds. And with Björk being Björk, being extra and because she damn well can, the dress she wears in the video is a custom Gucci design. I'm sick of seeing Gucci every-fucking-where I turn. My people have always loved some Gucci. But they truly be running it into the ground these days. But white people are not exempt. Gucci is literally all Jared Leto wears these days. But they DID that with Bjork's dress. I'mma chalk the design all up to Björk though. I bet she told them exactly how she wanted this shit, because it ties in too seamlessly with the video and Björk's visual DNA not to.

Bjork's 9th studio album Utopia is set to be released in November.