Unofficial remixes of Hikaru Utada's "Michi" and "Tomodachi"

Hikaru Utada - Fantôme (Unofficial remixes) | Random J Pop

Well, here's something I wasn't expecting to post almost a year after High Priestess Hikaru ordained Japan with her welcomed return to music, but am quite chuffed about. A couple of colourful music producers from the land of the rising sun have crafted unofficial bouncy-as-fuck remixes of songs from Hikaru Utada's 6th Japanese studio album Fantôme. Kyo and T5UMUT5UMU both bring forth remixes of "Michi" and "Tomodachi" respectively.

Michi (Kyo bootleg)
My feelings towards "Michi" are as conflicting as the song itself. I like it, but it should have been better. It's one of the weakest album openers to grace a Hikaru Utada album to date. It feels incomplete (it really needed a bridge section or a middle 8) and the production is too light and unpolished. The song just doesn't hit as hard as it should for a song so upbeat and dance focused. Online remixer and song re-fixer Kyo remedies that by turning "Michi" into a fully fledged club bop, with heavy hitting 808s, an increased tempo and chopping the fuck out of the chorus.

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Tomodachi (T5UMUT5UMU bootleg)
As a stan fan of "Tomodachi" it's nice to hear a switched up version of the song. I could have done with it being a little harder hitting though, as its a little flat. Aside from the chorus chopping, you'd swear blind all that was done to the song was it being sped up. It's also a shame that the remix doesn't fully pop and hit with that full bounce until the final third of the song. Still, I like this and when its in my headphones in the gym, the treadmill gets an extra 1km outta me. Plus, it's fitting that the LGBTQ bop of the century gets the Jersey club treatment. The original version of "Tomodachi" is great slow dance, slow grind kinda song, but a pussy can't pop to it. IT CAN NOW THO BITCH!

Listen to this bop: Tomodachi (T5UMUT5UMU bootleg)

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