Music video: FEMM throw their own wigs back into the 90s with "Sabishii nettaigyo"

FEMM - Sabishii nettaigyo | Random J Pop

FEMM's latest single is a cover of Wink's 1989 classic "Sabishii nettaigyo". They didn't only cover the song, but recreated the whole damn video; From the outfits down to the dance routines. In a nice twist however, they put an 90s stamp on the song which manages to give it a kick and a vibe that makes it fit within the soundscape of radio today. The original is still my preferred version, because I stan for 80s pop and I can imagine a life where Namie Amuro and the Super monkeys had released it. But this is still a bop and the girls look great in the video. Their deadass-ness suits the 80s and 90s to a tee.

This is what Beni should have been on with her floptastic Covers the city album. A bitch needs to take notes.

"Sabishii nettaigyo" is taken from FEMM's second studio album 80s / 90s J-Pop revival which is a cover album. The album title pretty much does what it says on the tin.

"Sabishii nettaigyo" however is not indicative of how every song on the album will sound and not every cover will be re-imagined in the style of the decade of which it was released. Some of the covers will be versioned in sounds of the 00s. So it'd be safe to assume that we can expect tropipop, future bass and trap. I would be concerned, but I have a feeling that these girls will pull this off.

80s / 90s J-Pop revival is currently available to stream via Spotify and Apple music (because they give a damn about their Western fans). The physical release will drop on October 25th which also includes a limited cassette tape release. My throwback ass still has a car with a cassette deck, so if the album is good, I may have to cop that shit.