Music video: Haim drop a two-step in "A little of your love"

Despite being the official second single off of their second album Something to tell you, "A little of your love" was one of the first songs teased from the album long before its lead single "I want you back". Not complaining. I'm always here for songs becoming singles and getting music videos, no matter how old they are. More so when they're bloody good.

As has become now customary for Haim, this video is a little rough around the edges, features walking, Danielle in Dad jeans, Este in a high waisted skirt, Alana in booty shorts, a cute little dance and looks like a cross between a scene plucked from a high school movie in the 80s and a H&M commercial.

Haim don't have a vast discography, but even so I was watching this shit like 'This video is so damn Haim'. Some artists and groups go a good while until they settle on a look and an aesthetic that wholly defines them, so props to Haim for finding it and locking it down early.

Haim are some long haulers. We got singles spread out over the course of a year before we got their debut Days are gone and still got two singles and music videos after. So it'd be nice to see the girls do the same post release for Something to tell you, and to keep releasing singles and videos into mid next year.

Haim, if you're taking requests, "Nothing's wrong" and "Something to tell you" both need to be singles. And just go 'head and drop a video for your smooth ass cover of Shania Twain's "That don't impress me much" too.