Music video: Jessie Ware walks around an empty house alone in..."Alone"

Music video: Jessie Ware - Alone | Random J Pop

Jessie Ware is here with us again, with the third single lifted from her upcoming album Glasshouse. Her previous singles "Midnight" and "Selfish love" both received pretty lukewarm responses despite being solid songs. But with "Alone", it could well be the third time lucky. It ticks all of the boxes of a UK radio hit: a big chorus, lots ooo-ooo-ooooh's for mimicking measure and a stomping backdrop of music. Sounding like a cross between Devotion's "Wildest moments" and Tough love's "You & I (Forever)".

Jessie served a look in that kimono looking ass polka dot dress and she knew it. Home girl was standing in the middle of that room feeling her whole entire fantasy.

Jessie had released acoustic versions of "Midnight" and "Selfish love" not long after premiering the songs online. So it's highly likely "Alone" will get the acoustic treatment too.

With the acoustic version of "Midnight" being all about the piano and the acoustic version of "Selfish love" being all about the guitar, I would love if the acoustic version of "Alone" featured a full orchestra and was all about the strings. Live strings was the only thing I felt "Alone" was missing. So I'd love to hear the song sung with them.

Jessie Ware's third studio album Glasshouse will be released on October 20.