Music video: Shishido Kavka gets a haircut in "Haneda blues"

Music video: Shishido Kavka featuring Ken Yokoyama of Crazy Ken band - Haneda blues | Random J Pop

Now. I've not been a huge fan of the singles that Shishido Kavka has put out since THE bop that was "Love corrida" in 2013, but I like her latest song "Haneda blues" which features Ken Yokoyama of Crazy Ken band.

The sultry vibe marks a nice change of pace for her, but its still unmistakably her. More so in the video, in which her bad ass just doesn't care. In every shot, Shishido is stood / sat there like 'what-the-fuck ever'.

We will miss Namie Amuro's miserable ass in videos. But at least we'll still have Shishido Kavka to carry on the torch of misery. Well. For now. 'Cos chil', those album sales...

I'm so conflicted on this song. I like the vibe and the sound. It's so chill, bad ass, everything that Shishido Kavka is. But that old Japanese man's vocals make me screw my face like an Atlanta housewife at a reunion.

Part of me would have preferred to have heard this with just Shishido. Another part of me likes hearing her with a male vocal, but just wishes it was a guy with a better, smoother voice. But THEN there's a part of my undecided ass that likes the complete contrast and lack of blending between Shishido and Ken Yokoyama's vocals. Then there's the video. Visually they both compliment each other in a way that wouldn't have worked if Ken was replaced with somebody of Shishido's age.

We should accept this and get used to this for a minute. Because "Haneda blues" marks the first song in a reported 3 month collaboration project between these two.

Footnote. The whole damn thing stinks of Sheena Ringo.