Namie Amuro's TV commercials for her 3 disc resignation

Namie Amuro - Finally | Random J Pop

Namie's peace out album Finally features literally no album cover. A bitch shot three commercials with two looks. Her album releases in two formats. So we coulda had two nice album covers. But nope. At time of writing, Namie's official Facebook group has an image of her on its timeline cover which could have been the album cover. My post about her 3 disc Avex resignation had a new shot that could have been an album cover. But instead we got a laminated piece of white paper with some gold / silver stroke border. Not a single fuck was given.

But let's get into Namie's TV commercials. Namie is so done with all this shit that she's letting her natural hair colour grow through. Fuck a dye job or a touch up.

It was incredibly touching for Namie to pay her respects, a rose for each career she's killed during her 25 year tenure.

Word is that this album will feature re-records of older songs. And maybe it's my ears (my hearing is shitty) and wishful thinking, but I could have sworn that a couple of the clips in the commercial featured as such. "Try me" and "Baby don't cry" stuck out as sounding a tad different to the versions I'm familiar with. But maybe it's just me.