Music video: Namie Amuro trolls Avex with a prison drama tie in and jail themed music video with "Showtime"

Namie Amuro - Showtime | Random J Pop

Namie has shot a video for one of her new recordings from her peace out album Finally, and the trolling, much like a Bad boy production, can't stop, won't stop.

This bitch dropped a video with her in a prison (a representation of Avex) and then ended it with a spray can on the floor with 'Bye' scrawled across it (the message that her assistant will mass e-mail all staff at Avex on September 16, 2017).

Namie's troll game is tight. She could have phoned in this video and I honestly wouldn't have blamed her. But instead, she went out there and did the most. This shit was a PRODUCTION. Namie LOOKED HAPPY. Namie DANCED. Namie gave us A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LOOK. Namie was not wearing DEM BOOTS. She's really letting Avex know what they're gonna miss when she's gone and that no other ho on their roster is gonna be able to replace her. If Ayu and Kumi think that Avex will re-route Namie's music video budget into theirs, they can think again. That's Dimension point money that funded this video.

"Showtime" is the main theme for the TBS J-drama Kangoku no ohimesama (Prison's princess). I've been going through a dry spell with J-drama's for the past 3 years. But this shit looks good and it features Miho Kanno, who I've liked in everything I've seen her in so far. So this will definitely be on my list to binge over Christmas.

There is a full length version of the "Showtime" music video without the intercut footage from Kangoku no ohimesama, which also features a choreographed cafeteria setup and Namie working her waist inside her prison cell. Search online and ye shall find.