Music video: Sophie comes out in "It's okay to cry"

Sophie - It's okay to cry | Random J Pop

This is officially Sophie's coming out. After years of being ellusive and avoiding the public eye for the most part; PC music affiliated producer Sophie of "Hey QT" and Namie Amuro "B who I want 2 B" fame is not only ready to face the music, but the world.

Sophie has released music before and had even put out an album. But this may be considered Sophie's debut as it marks the first time we get to see Sophie in a video and also hear Sophie sing.

"It's okay to cry" is far more restrained and sombre than the Sophie productions we've gotten in the past, but it's still unmistakably Sophie.

Sophie now officially uses the gender pronouns she / her and from the looks of the video, appears to be transitioning. This adds layers to the song, as it would then make it autobiographical. With lyrics that touch on personal discovery, pain and living in your own truth, it's not such a stretch.

Sophie has never been one to do things the 'normal way' when it comes to her music. So whether there will be an LP, an EP or if Sophie will release any solo material again full stop is all up in the air. But what is a dead certainty is that we'll continue to hear Sophie productions pop-up every now and then, hopefully with artists other than just Charli XCX, although "Roll with me" was a fucking bop and a half.

Shout outs to Sophie for getting that Namie Amuro production credit in there before her retirement.