Namie Amuro serves 4 looks through 25 years and 4 phone upgrades in 30 seconds and leaves my wig lop sided

Namie Amuro x DoCoMo - How do you feel now? | Random J Pop

Before Namie bows out of the game for good, she is making damn sure she gets that endorsement money to keep those retirement bills stacked so high that a bitch will need planning permission. Not content with cheques from Hulu and TBS, Namie is cashing DoCoMo cheques too.

Namie's 1995 "Body feels exit" look left my wig lop sided. A bitch is 40 years old. Puts on a micro jump suit some bronzer, a shorter wig and turns the clock back 25 years.

Between this and the music videos for "Showtime" and "Do it for love", I'm mid key pressed that Namie is now choosing to serve us varied looks and wigs in quick succession when she has one foot out the door of her career.

Namie has been doing us wrong with the songs from her 3 disc resignation Finally, but she has delivered with the visuals thus far. This commercial was everything and had me wishing it was extended into a full length video. The concept of taking era specific phones and matching Namie's look at that point in time was genius and perfect given she's been in the industry for 25 years and will bow out of it in 10 months' time.