Perfume tease a Future experiment and our wigs are not safe

Perfume x NTT DoCoMo: Future experiment | Random J Pop

On November 8th Perfume will reveal what they are only disclosing as a 'future experiment'. A project developed in partnership with Japanese network provider NTT DoCoMo.

As per all websites designed in Perfume's honour, the design is funky and features unique displays of data aggregation. The website appears to be pulling in all tweets which feature the Twitter hashtags #Prfm and #FutureEx, which will somehow be incorporated into whatever this thing is when it unveils itself on November 8th.

This project is also listed as Vol.1. So I'm not sure if Perfume plan to make this a continued thing over a period of time, whether we'll get multiple volumes on November 8th, or if the future experiment will will be something that NTT  will do with other artists and Perfume are just the first volume of several. Given that Perfume doesn't feature in the site URL and that it's an NTT DoCoMo website, it's probably the latter.

Perfume x NTT DoCoMo: Future experiment | Random J Pop

Perfume's style has been an inconsistent mess for years. But I genuinely like how they look in the promo shots. Especially Nocchi. The all black look feels like a re-imagined throwback to Perfume's Game album cover. It'd be nice if the girls performed in these high fashion looks, but we know that they'll step out in origami looking ass dresses with a dead-ass pump.

The little info that we have about this future experience leads me to believe that this may end up being a successor to their SXSW performance of "Story" back in 2015. The focus on technology, the future, it being classed an an 'experiment' and it involving Perfume: a mind boggling cutting edge performance is a guarantee. The promo image being shot in a way where the girls are overlapping / phasing through each other makes me wonder if it will involve holograms.

The performance will stream live, but whether it will stream locally or globally is still unknown. We know how the Japanese music industry hates the rest of the world and love to region lock.

This could also mean that we may get to hear a new Perfume song. If we do, then this will of course mean that we will not receive a studio / album version of it for another year. Never forget that Cosmic explorer / "Story" roll-out ya'll. Never forget.

Perfume haven't haven't slayed me in over a year. Between the mess that was the Cosmic explorer roll-out, their lacklustre tour which followed and the dusty-ass singles. I need this future experiment shit to do the most and leave me completely fucked up.