Random J Pop playlist: Festive fuckery (a Christmas playlist)

?J playlist: Festive fuckery (a Christmas playlist) | Random J Pop

Ho, ho, ho my hoes. I come bearing the gift of music, with a playlist of festive themed songs which I have appropriately titled Festive fuckery.

When I tried this shit last year, my slow ass shared out a Google Play music link to a playlist which featured songs from my own personal library of songs, so of course nobody could play the damn thing. This time I've done this shit properly, so ya'll should be able to listen to it. I even went to the trouble of creating this playlist on Spotify as well as Google Play music.


Ain't got no time for Apple music. So those of you who use that service can remake my playlist yourself if you use that service.

The playlist is a mix of J-Pop, a couple of K-Pop songs and Western pop songs. Not all of the songs are actually Christmas themed songs. Half of them are songs which pass my threshold test of sounding twinkly 'n' shit enough to pass as a Christmas song.

The selection of J-Pop across all streaming services is pretty light on the ground. So I wasn't able to include as many festive J-Pop songs as I would have liked (i.e Namie Amuro's "White light" every 3 songs in the playlist).

A third of this playlist is comprised of songs from Crystal Kay's Shine album. I tell ya...if Shine had been released as a 5 track Holiday EP, it would have been lovely and I would have scored it highly because the festive sounding songs on it are really nice. Given the album title and the cover it may have originally been conceived as such.

Oh Santa! Mariah Carey
Nando demo Crystal Kay
Sai & Co Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Candy cane lane Sia
Rockin' Robin Michael Jackson
Someday Crystal Kay
Do you hear what I hear? Kelly Rowland
Star train Perfume
Superman Crystal Kay
^ Justified Sweetbox
*Love & honesty BoA
*You Kumi Koda
Christmas time is in the air again Mariah Carey
^ Can't wait 'til Christmas Hikaru Utada
Every day's like Christmas Kylie Minogue
Let if flow Toni Braxton
Last Christmas Wham!
Present Crystal Kay
*No more f(x)
What a girl wants Christina Aguilera
Christmas paradise BoA
Seventh heaven Perfume
All I want for Christmas is you Mariah Carey

* Only available in the Spotify version of the playlist
^ Only available in the Google Play music version of the playlist

The Spotify version of the playlist features a couple of additional songs which aren't available on Google music (Google need to step their music selection game up BIG TIME).

I hope you enjoy.

Spotify hoes: Listen to 'Festive fuckery' via Spotify
Google Play music hoes: Listen to 'Festive fuckery' via Google Play music