Behind the scenes of Perfume's Future experiment vol.1

Behind the scenes of Perfume's Future experiment vol.1 | Random J Pop

Perfume's digital marketing team are a mess. But they're trying. Although how hard is up for debate.

NTT DoCoMo and Team Perfume have released behind the scenes footage of their Future experiment set, which was a live broadcast which consisted of all 3 girls dancing the same routine in 3 different locations simultaneously, the 3 streams of which were cut together with a myriad of snazzy post production effects live in real-time.

As is often the case with behind the scene footage which is officially released featuring a J-Pop artist who has worldwide exposure, there are no English subtitles. But there's plenty to see.

I find it cute how Perfume are still amazed by the end results of what they do, like they don't deliver technical excellence and boundary breaking shit on a semi-regular basis.

That said, I'm getting mad tired of Perfume and I need them to step their pussy up ten-fold in 2018.