Music video: BoA drags her New York weave to the "Jazzclub"

BoA - Jazzclub | Random J Pop

I'm not sure what's going on with BoA. She just seems to be doing...whatever. But after the disappointment that was "Camo", BoA is back on her J-flex with her single "Jazzclub". It's a strange one though, because it feels like the kind of song SM would have her drop as a Korean buzz cut, but it also hearkens back to a style that BoA had kinda skirted with on a couple of her Avex releases a while back and the music video is directed by an American music video director. So "Jazzclub" is a hodgepodge package of BoA's K-Pop, J-Pop and short lived US career.

First of all, why would you Facetime your old piece to tell her you've gotten married? That's just a piece of shit thing to do. Anyway. I don't get what the relevance of that scene was in this video, but hearing BoA speak English was cute and for a split second made me want to listen to her English language debut. Until I remembered how bad that mess was, save for "Did ya"...and maybe "Dress off"...and "Control"...okay, and maybe "Crazy about" too.

"Jazzclub" is a nice song. But it still feels regressive, as her Japanese material always has. This feels like something from way right back in the BoA discography, like something from Outgrow, The face or even Identity which every-so-lightly touched on Swing and Jazz.

I could have been sold on the song a lot more if it also had a better video which featured BoA dancing her ass off. But instead she gave me a 2016 Britney routine.

"Jazzclub" is cute. It's catchy. But it's also whatever. BoA's a game veteran. Everything she drops should be leaving a crater. Yet I still feel as though SM and Avex don't really know what to do with her image or her sound. There's a disconnect between what they feel BoA should be doing and what BoA actually wants to do.