Music video: BoA pulls the glock again in "One shot, two shot"

BoA - One shot, two shot | Random J Pop

When I first heard this song in an episode of BoA's documentary #Keyword BoA, I loved it. When I saw the choreography, I loved it. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking, this all gon' get fucked up for the video, and well...

The routine for "One shot, two shot" was changed, chopped and worked on so many times by BoA and several choreographers to get it right and ensure it was catchy and looked good on screen, just for it to be badly shot and sloppily edited. It's a real shame. We're going to have to look to live performances to see the choreography shine.

The video itself is pretty damn lazy and disjointed. It's like watching 2 videos shot by 2 different directors inter-cut with one another. The train platform setup was captivating to watch. So much so, that it should have been the whole video concept. The dance performance setup was too raggedly shot and badly edited, and all 3 of BoA's looks are fucking awful. Her look contrasts badly to that of her dancers, who all have nice slick get-ups in comparison to her dead ass dress and garish bodysuits.

I do love the song though. It hits like a more uptempo version "Kiss my lips" vibe, which I'm all for, as I loved that song. Even if the whole of South Korea hated it.