Perfume to release their 30th single "Mugen mirai" aka "Flash 2"

Perfume - Mugen mirai | Random J Pop

I can't remember the last time Perfume released a single which wasn't a tie in with something or other. I also can't remember the last time we got a Perfume single which didn't sound like a Pamyu Pamyu B-side or Nataka Yasutaka bussin' his EDM nut.

Perfume's 30th single release will be for another one of those kimono card shuffling Chihayafuru film. So this is basically "Flash 2" with a hint of future bass, because that's the sound that Nakata is obsessed with now. Perfume's management may as well just put them in the studio with Zedd. Every damn thing Nakata produces these days sounds like his shit anyway.

  1. Mugen mirai
  2. Fusion
  3. Mugen mirai (Instrumental)

The Chiarufu edition of the single will also feature the single version of "Flash", because of the Chihayafuru connection (obviously) and because Perfume aren't done running this song into the ground and stay acting like the Cosmic explorer album version doesn't exist.

You can listen to a snippet of "Mugen mirai" in the latest Chihayafuru conclusion trailer.

Perfume's NTT DoCoMo Future experiment song "Fusion" will feature as the B-side, which is a gracious offering. Especially after Perfume made fans wait almost a year for "Story" after they debuted the song at SXSW 2016.

I want to be excited for Perfume, because they've done great things over the years. But I'm falling out of love with them. Their marketing is messy. Their single releases are messy. Their looks are messy. Their sound is messy. Everything is just so damn messy.

Mugen mirai will be released on March 14, 2018.

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