Perfume's Reframe: A reminder of why we still bother with these hoes, but how they also need to step their pussy up

Reframe came at just the right time. A reminder of why I should even still bother with Perfume after a mess of an album, a slew of bad single releases and lacklustre music videos. But also a reminder of how Perfume need to step their pussies up and kick their career into a new gear. Because I'm tired ya'll. Tired of the same shit.

Reframe is a reminder that Perfume have some of the best in the business when it comes to their staging setups and concepts. Reframe also gave me hope that Perfume's team haven't forgotten about older Perfume songs. Hearing them perform an older song that wasn't fucking "Chocolate disco" or "My color" was a welcomed surprise. As was seeing non Nakata Yasutaka produced music be called out during the Interludes. It gives me hope that they'll eventually be able to break away from him and have other producers cut their records. Because if they stay with Nakata, then I'mma need them to just call it a day. I can't deal with this free-fall that their music is in.

Reframe was a logistical marvel. Of that there is no doubt. But for all of the fancy projections and effects, there was something messy about the whole thing. It was still impressive. But it wasn't as tight as we've gotten from Perfume in the past and for me, this wasn't wholly memorable. And for a group who is all about fidelity who had done a crazy performance which was reliant on data signals, I don't get why the footage for Reframe looks so low res, as though it was shot on a Samsung Galaxy S3. And gurls, the lighting. Boo. I couldn't see shit during "Mugen mirai" between the lack of light on the girls, the strobes and the projection of the polygon having convulsions. I'm not even going to comment on the outfits, because we all know those were some fucking messes.

The song selections also didn't do the best job of really framing Perfume at all. "Fusion", I get. But then again, I also don't. Sometimes I wish Perfume would perform a song as a one off thing and let it be and exists as it was. This performance of "Fusion" didn't really add anything to the original. It was nice seeing the girls physically perform it together. But their Future experiment performance did an amazing job of making you forget that the girls weren't together anyway. And I bet when Perfume tour later this year, we'll get another watered down version of "Fusion" or the exact same thing we got here. I felt this way about "Party maker". We got one canonised, amazing performance of it during their LEVEL3 tour. Then we got watered down versions of it from there on out. I got my whole fucking life handed to me at World tour 3rd when they performed it there. But still. Sometimes you need to let a good amazing thing just be a good amazing thing.

Reframe was cool for what it was. But it didn't offer anything new or go to any length to show the evolution of Perfume or show us anything that wowed from a technological or logistical standpoint. It was just, cool.

Mad missed opportunity for them to re-purpose "Sweet refrain" and perform it as "Sweet reframe".