Crystal Kay drops "Shiawase tte" aka "Nando demo" part 2

Crystal Kay - Shiawase tte | Random J Pop

Now. I love Crystal Kay. But her last album Shine was such a mess that my love meter took a hit. And every single she's released since has given me no hope that the follow-up album will be any different.

I'd like to be wrong. I desperately want to be wrong. Nothing would make me happier for Crystal to punk me and turn it out for an album which leaves me bald like Minami Minegishi in 2013. But that Crystal is dead and gone. And as nice as it is to have a Summer single from Crystal and for her to be looking black-girl carefree on the cover art; this new single is another sign that the Crystal we loved back when is dead ya'll.

Gurl, bye. This song ain't shit but a non Christmas radio edit of "Nando demo", a song I never really liked in the first place. The song grew on me as a result of hearing it so often throughout Otona joshi, the J-drama it was commissioned for. But there were 4 songs on Shine that I would play and "Nando demo" most certainly wasn't one of them.

If you need me, I'll be over in the corner working my back to "Konna di chikaku de..." and remembering the good ol' days.