Music video: Crystal Kay's "Shiawase tte" is literally "Nando demo"

Music video: Crystal Kay - Shiawase tte | Random J Pop

Crystal Kay has a lot of redemption to do with this new album of hers, after disappointing the shit out of me with her last offering Shine. None of the songs I've heard post Shine have done a thing for me. And to add insult to injury, she drops a song which sounds like a non sleigh bell edit of "Nando demo" and then a video which looks exactly the same as that of which was shot for "Nando demo".

Does anybody at Crystal Kay's record label care about her? Does her management still give a damn? DOES CRYSTAL, FOR THAT MATTER!? Gurl, really? You're going to give us the same damn video you gave us 3 years ago with an Instagram filter slapped over the top?

Bitch better get Iyanla Vanzant in her life, because her shit needs fixing.

The girl in the video ignoring Crystal is 'bout to be me if she don't start getting her fucking act together.

Crystal dropped album teasers via Instagram and the album doesn't sound completely terrible. But it's still far from what Crystal is capable of and should be delivering at this point in her career.

I will check out Crystal Kay's new album, because I ride for this bitch. But with the exception of "Can't stop me" and "Summer fever", nothing on this album really jumps out and even these are hardly songs that have me itching to hear them in full. They're just the best out of what sounds like a mediocre bunch of songs.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and listen to Vivid and ask Jesus why he let such a good top to bottom album flop so hard to the point that it derailed Crystal's whole sound.