Music video: Ex Wonder girl Yubin throws my wig into the 80s with "Lady"

Music video: Yubin - Lady | Random J Pop

With the Wonder girls now no more, JYP was never worried. Because he was like 'Bitch, I'mma keep that Wonder girls vibe going with Yubin'.

To say that Yubin's solo song sounds exactly like a Wonder girls song and looks like a Wonder girls video may be unfair and sell her debut short, but it is what it is. This is by no means an insult, because I adore Yubin's solo song and she's serving me a killer period aesthetic from start to finish in the music video.

It's pretty fucking clever, because it allows JYP to still fill the void left by the Wonder girls with one of the originating members, but also puts Yubin in a different light because she's giving us a sound and a look that most would not have expected from her.

When Yubin started singing, I was like 'Oh, okay'. Then the song hit the 2 minute mark where I expected to hear Yubin rap and then she didn't and I was like 'WELL, OKAY THEN BITCH!'. I'm still in love with the Wonder girls' Reboot and regard it as one of the best K-Pop albums in years and one of 2016's best pop releases. Reboot was an album on which Yubin wrote a handful of the songs for, seemed most at ease with the visual concept, sold it the best and came through on the album more than the other girls; so I'm glad to see the Reboot vibes continue on in some way.

Yubin's album has been fucked up by copyright issues and has missed its release date and is on indefinite delay. But when that shit drops and JYP pay that money to whomever's song they sampled, ripped off and didn't credit, I will listen to it day of release.

Beni. THIS is how you do City pop bitch. Not that mess you try to palm off on us last year.