Perfume have the nerve to call their 6th studio album 'Future pop'

Perfume - Future pop | Random J Pop

Perfume's sixth studio album is called Future pop and I'm sat here choking at the audacity of Perfume naming an album this in the wake of the crusty, regressive songs they've been releasing as singles. But we know full well that this album title is their producer Yasutaka Nakata's doing, and that there's every chance that the new album cuts will sound like Digital native left overs.

I can't wait to watch the interviews and listen to the Perfume Locks episodes of A-chan explaining the album title, and convincing everybody of the concept and that she supports it. A bitch deserves an Oscar for the front she's put up after all these years, because I know she's sick of all this shit. Kashiyuka's just happy to get a cheque for not cutting her hair and Nocchi's been dead inside for the past 6 years.

Future flop will feature 6 new songs; one of which, "Start-up", is probably just an intro. Although it'd be nice to get something full length as per LEVEL3's "Enter the sphere". Even though that shit was still...just an intro. All of the A-side and B-sides from "Tokyo girl" onwards will also be featured. A music video for "Let me know" will drop prior to the album. By which I mean, we'll get a 1 minute and 30 second short version of it on YouTube.

  1. Start-up
  2. Future pop
  3. If you wanna
  4. Tokyo girl
  5. Fusion
  6. Tiny baby
  7. Let me know
  8. Chorairin
  9. Mugen mirai
  10. Houseki no ame
  11. Tenku
  12. Everyday

I want to be excited about this new album, but I'm finding it hard with all of the underwhelming songs and music videos that Perfume have been giving us as of late. I'm not seeing the level of growth in Perfume's music or that I feel they should be serving at this point. Nakata's sound is hit and miss. The lack of consistency in his music these days is shocking and it's clear he doesn't really give two shits about Perfume's sound or the evolution of it in parallel to their growth as women and performers.

Perfume will kick off a national tour in September. There's no official name for it yet, but it'll more than likely be called the Future pop tour, which is a much more fitting name for the tour itself than the album. Perfume stay doing THE MOST visually and their live stage productions has been light years ahead for more than a minute. I just hope they give us a 3:5:6:9 style show with a great stage setup and bomb lighting, as their Cosmic explorer tour was underwhelming as fuck to watch, despite having a really good setlist. New arrangements of old songs would be nice too. But I know that's asking for too much; along with stylish outfits, an upgrade on the shoe game, and sacking Nakata from sole production rights on the next album. But the latter is a whole other post that I've already written.

Future pop will be physically released on August 15th. As was the case with Cosmic explorer, it'll more than likely hit streaming services such as Apple music, Spotify and Google Play music not long after.

I really want this album to projection map a wig snatching on my front door, but the mediocrity of Perfume's singles over the past couple of years and that Cosmic explorer album give me no reason to believe that it will.

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