Panasonic resurrect Perfume's "Everyday" for their new top loading washing machine

Perfume x Panasonic: Everyday (Awa dance 2.0) | Random J Pop

I thought we were done with "Everyday", but I guess not. Because Panasonic have dragged these girls back to set to do their little 'Awa dance' to "Everyday" AGAIN to push their new top loading washing machines. We get the same mix of the song and the same routine, but with updated visuals and some orange piece of fabric stapled onto the original sud-style monstrosities of dresses.

The link between a top loading washing machine doesn't really come through in this video. Neither does the washing machine connection, which was much clearer in the original video. This looks and feels a lot like their UNIQLO HEATTECH video, which was its own type of mess.

The dresses are so awful, I just cannot. And the straps around the shoes look fucking terrible. For live performances, I get it. They don't want the shoes to fly off in the middle of a routine. But could they not have danced in this video without them or had somebody erase the straps digitally? Perfume can have a team who can project onto them in real time and edit them dancing together in 3 locations thousands of miles apart on a live stream and have them dance in light-up dresses, but nobody can get these girls a pump that stays on their foot without a clear thick rubber band around the damn thing? Laziness.

I don't know why I'm still on this thing about Perfume's shoes, when from the dresses, it's clear that their wardrobe team don't give a fuck about anything.

It would seem bizarre to me that (at time of writing) this video hasn't yet been featured on Perfume's official Instagram account as a story, given the way in which the video was shot portrait. There's no post on this at all on their Instagram account. But Perfume's digital marketing team have shown their ass with how rubbish they are for the longest, so what's new, right?