Random J pop playlist: Gay as f**k

Random J pop playlist: Gay as f**k

It's Pride month. And the only way to celebrate it is with music. Well...that's no entirely true. I'm sure some o' ya'll have other ways that you celebrate Pride. But we just gon' focus on the music round these here parts. So behave your damn selves.

There are very few surprises, if any in this playlist. It's as basic as it is gay. I really do wish Spotify and Google Play music had a more expansive selection of J-Pop, as there's many a J-Pop song I would have loved to have included. Ya'll Random J Pop regulars know I would have thrown Namie Amuro all up in the bitch. I pray to Jebus that Namie Amuro's entire discography hits all streaming platforms as a parting gift for Christmas this year. But that's a whole other post.

For now. Be gay and be merry to this here playlist.

This playlist will see additions and removals as time goes on. And if Jebus answers my prayers this Christmas, Namie Amuro will be peppered throughout the motherfucker come New year.

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Don't forget, that there is also the Slaykaru Queentada playlist, full of Hikaru Utada's gayest bops.