Album covers: Perfume - Future pop

Perfume have unveiled the album arts for their sixth studio album Future pop and's better than Cosmic explorer's. But the limited edition cover is am absolute mess.

The general focus seems to be...not the girls. This matches the direction of the music if nothing else, because these girls aren't the focus of any of the songs that have come off of Future pop thus far and haven't been for a minute. Perfume's follow-up to Future pop will end up being 14 tracks of instrumentals and won't have them on the cover at all at this point.

Perfume - Future pop (Regular edition) | Random J Pop
Future pop (Standard edition)

Perfume - Future pop (Limited edition) | Random J Pop
Future pop (Limited edition)

I may be in the small percentage of folk that actually likes the standard edition cover. It reminds of the regular and limited editions of Perfume's Game album and it visually links to the album name a damn sight better than Cosmic explorer did. But in true Perfume fashion, I'm sure their tour booklet will feature a shoot and a visual concept which will shit all over the album covers that we got. The slightly distant, almost omnipotent vibe of the standard edition cover feels like it would have worked better for a best release or a compilation though.

I really hope that limited edition cover is a slip cover. But even if it is, its still a fucking ugly slip cover and the first thing that everybody sees. Perfume's team are officially done and do not have a single fuck left to give the girls. To give them a Windows 98 screensaver for an album cover is foul. But based on the music we've heard so far, it's the album cover that Future pop deserves.

The photographer and art director for the Future pop album covers, Yasunari Kikuma, posted these on his Instagram account, but disabled the comments. He knows ya'll. He KNOWS.

That mess of a limited edition cover should make Perfume question whether anybody truly cares anymore. You think they would have gotten the memo between their marketing team doing the bare-minimum and Yasutaka Nakata phoning in their music, but nope. Either Perfume are delusional or they're happy to just go along with a ride that they know is coming to an end soon.

Future flop is released physically on August 15th.

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