Album info: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Japamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Japamyu | Random J Pop

Some of ya'll may have thought that Pamyu Pamyu was dead. But nope. A bitch is still alive and will be releasing her third studio album Japamyu on September 26th.

I know some Perfume fans who low key drag Pamyu Pamyu are probably going to have some thoughts on the title. Because...JPN ya'll. But according to Pussy Pam, the title of this album is reflective of the sound, which will be 'Oriental'. So, are we gonna get Oriental album mixes of "Sai & kou", "Harajuku iyahoi" and "Kimi no mikata"? Because they didn't sound oriental for shit and all three of those songs are on this 10 track album; which we may as well say is 9, because the first track will be titled "Japamyu land" or some shit and be an intro.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Japamyu | Random J Pop
Japamyu (Limited edition)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Japamyu | Random J Pop
Japamyu (Regular edition)

It's going to be interesting to see how this album fares commercially, given that Pamyu Pamyu hasn't been nowhere near as active in her homeland as she was during the run-up's to the releases of Nanda collection and Pikapika fantajin. She's been much more focused on her world tour than anything else. So hopefully her label will make this album available globally via Amazon and it'll go up on streaming services globally on the day of release to capitalise on the currency of her world tour.

Perfume's Future pop is undoubtedly going to cast opinions on Japamyu before it even drops. Because we know that when Nakata is onto a vibe, he shares that shit across both Perfume and Pamyu Pamyu. So if we're going by this logic, then we can expect Japamyu to feature at least 3 songs with a typical EDM drop for a chorus with no vocals. Fuck the album having an Oriental vibe. At the most, the verses may feature a koto and a shakuhachi. And we might get a re-hash of "Ninja re bang bang" with a Future bass drop.

I listen to tracks from Nanda collection when I'm at the gym. Particularity "Mi" and "Invader invader" because they get me to put in that extra work on the treadmill. I'm not going to get all 'I miss dis sound!', but I'm totally going to get all 'I miss dis sound'. ya'll remember how fucking on point "Invader invader", "Ninja re bang bang" and "Fashion monster" were!? Pamyu Pamyu is starting to shift out of her ludicrously crazy fashion and aesthetic, as is evidence by the album covers and her most recent video for "Kimi no mikata". So of course the music is going to reflect that in some form. But we all know that Nakata's current take on growth, adulthood and mass appeal is going to be to give Pamyu Pamyu the same sound he gave himself for Digital native and Perfume's Future pop. But I guess we'll see.

Pussy Pam releases her 4th studio album Japamyu on September 26. I'm sure between now and then we'll get a digital single and a new video. Because if not, then homegirl will really struggle and she will be using that giant spoon to dig a grave for this album.