Music video: Hyolyn delivers a Summer K-bop with "Bae"

Music video: Hyolin - Bae | Random J Pop

Hyolyn. You better carry that Sistar flag and give me a feel good bubblegum Summer K-bop.

If Girls' generation hadn't imploded earlier this year, we probably would have gotten something like this from them as their Summer promo song. Even though they kinda gave it to us already with "Holiday". But since when have SM entertainment been shy about re-hashing? Obviously there'd be no black people up in the video though, as is the case with Hyolyn's though, because Taeyeon has a chocolate allergy.

Was Hyolin poppin' her pussy outside of a prison? I'mma need somebody to run a Google Earth check on that building with the barbed wire high fence, because it really did look like a prison.

Hyolyn was really coming through with racial inclusiveness. She was the only Korean person in this whole video from what I could see. Everybody else was RGB 255, 255, 255 and she was really gettin' it in with Mr. RGB 0, 0, 0.

Okay Hyolyn. I'mma call you the K-Pop Kumi Koda. Because you be giving me those vibes. And I know Kumi wishes she still could.