Listen to a version of Perfume's "Future pop" with an actual chorus

Perfume - Future pop (with an actual chorus) | Random J Pop

I don't think very highly of Perfume's Future pop album, but I do like the album title track. It does however (as was the case with "If you wanna" and "Mugen mirai") lack a chorus with vocals. I've been listening to "Future pop" quite a lot over the past few days and as a result a chorus came to mind. It's stuck so strongly, that I sing it every time I listen to "Future pop" in my car.

If Perfume's team happen to be checking this blog and they want to incorporate this chorus for their Future pop tour, please send your request via my Contact page and I will be in touch in due course with my PRS and ASCAP credentials and where you can wire me money for usage rights and royalties.

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