Rina Sawayama pops her pansexual "Cherry"

Rina Sawayama - Cherry | Random J Pop

I'mma just start calling Rina Sawayama the princess of pop, because...bitch. She be doing that.

Rina-Hime is back with a new song "Cherry", her first release since her Valentine's bop "Valentine (What's it gonna be)". When Rina had first announced the title of her new single, I was on stand-by for a pop bop about her pussy and was about to call the national guard. But in a shock twist, the song isn't about her pussy at all. Well...Kind of. But not in the 'COME EAT DIS' sense. Rina is far more respectful and tactful than my foul ass.

"Cherry" is Rina's coming out song of sorts. Rina had shared with Paper magazine that she was never completely in, but seemed to be in this pan-sexual limbo because of outside perceptions of sexuality and how she should define hers.

I've identified as queer/pan since several years ago but because of experiences of shame when I was growing up that's the main emotion that comes up whenever I have non-heterosexual feelings. In the past my feelings have been erased, minimised and mocked, and I've been told by people that my desires are temporary.

Gurl, preach. We've heard this narrative many times before. And whilst "Cherry" is by no means a typical 'Yay! I'm out. This is great. I'M SO IN FUCKING LOVE!' story. It's another take on queer feelings and desires put to song in mainstream pop and it's always good to have another take on it for those going through similar shit to relate to and identify with.

Rina. If you happen to come across this post. GOOD FOR YOU BITCH.

Rina being a Japanese woman doing Pop in the UK is already a big deal, as she's one the few that's doing it mainstream and showing that Japanese women have a presence in music outside of Japan and J-Pop. But to be a queer Japanese woman!? Bitch. You better fucking do that and represent. I need Hikaru Utada to holla.

It also really helps that "Cherry" is a damn good song. But it puts a whole new spin on her self titled Rina EP, the theme of which was anxiety in its varied forms. Girl, who were you sitting in the corner texting in "Cyber Stockholm syndrome"? Whose face were you getting in for "Take me as I am"? I need answers.

Rina. I salute you Princess. But I'mma really need an album from you by Christmas.

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