Music video: Mariah Carey delivers the smoothest and classiest "GTFO" I've heard in my life

Mariah Carey - GTFO | Random J Pop

With two severely underrated albums, a couple of failed relationships and a slew of gigs under her Butterfly diamante belt, Mariah is back with some new music and ready to drop her first album in 4 years.

Despite the Lambily harassing her for new music and constantly reminding a bitch that her last album dropped in 2014, it's not felt like Mariah has gone anywhere. She's been in the public eye and media constantly, as the result of doing Christmas tours, Vegas residencies and New year's performances. She also released a song last year. A song which her newest "GTFO" feels like a direct follow-on from, right down to the visuals.

"GTFO" could have been a great song, but in its current state it feels a bit...under-cooked. Okay. So, maybe this shit is raw as hell and still bleeding. The music itself is nice, but it feels like it never goes anywhere. The meme worthiness of the song is what will carry it more than the quality of the song itself. The Internet is already having a field day with the "How 'bout 'chu get the fuck out" hook. It has to be said, I've not heard such a classy telling of somebody being told to get the fuck out as this.

There was a point in Mariah's career where everybody dragged her for her whisper singing style. It was warranted. Her overuse of it sullied the Charmbracelet album for me. But it works here for this type of song because she dips in and out of it. I don't understand a thing she's saying on that second verse, but she sounds lovely. And it's nice to have a song which doesn't follow the usual Mariah formula of Whipser → Gradual volume increase in vocals → Attempted belts → Vocal strains → Whistles before the song ends. Although I know we'll get that shit from her on another song.

Mariah looks great in the video. Even if the whole chilling in a house in lingerie deal is mad tired. It would have been nice to have seen Mariah doing...something. Breaking a plate. Some vases. Setting a car on fire. Just anything. This isn't the type of video you'll watch more than once, but then again Mariah's videos rarely are. If ever. I'm mad surprised there was no product placement in this video. There was ample opportunity for Mariah to spritz a fragrance or debut a Butterfly blush and titty contour and highlight kit.

Mariah Carey will release her currently untitled 15th studio album by the end of this year. We could probably guess what this album will end up being titled. Back in the day we could shoot a shot and predict Mariah would name her album something like Sparkle or Unicorn. These days its more likely she'll name it some shit like The Butterfly's soliloquy or Tears of a songbird.

I hope she actually bothers to promote this album and picks the right singles from it. Memoirs of an imperfect angel and Me. I am Mariah were both pretty decent albums that deserved more commercial success and love than they received. I stay continually pressed that "Candy bling" and "Faded" were not made singles.