Perfume drop another collection from their raggedly little clothing project, Perfume's closet

Perfume's closet | Random J Pop

I think that Perfume should have announced Perfume's closet on national coming out day and cemented themselves as the LGBTQIA loving queens that they have the potential to be. But, whatever.

Perfume aren't known for having the best fashion sense, but are known for their fashion sense none-the-less. So them releasing a clothing line does make...sense. I feel compelled to drag this, but...I just can't. Because it makes so much fucking sense, even though some of the clothes look horrid.

Wow. I used the word 'sense' a lot just then, didn't I?

Perfume's closet | Random J Pop

Every piece in Perfume's closet collections are inspired by outfits from their songs. Some pieces look almost identical to the looks from the inspired song in question, where-as some are complete reaches. I mean, these girls dropped a bomber jacket last year and had the nerve to say that it was inspired by "Laser beam". Bitch, what?! Their last collection featured their actual looks from "Flash". There's no clear music video referencing with this collection, but the looks in the image above do give off "Sweet refrain" vibes. And you know damn well those tops are rayon and not pure silk.

Perfume aren't the most sociable acts out there and there's always a barrier so strong that's kept between them and fans that even Shuri in Black Panther would wanna know what powers that shit. But their clothing line not only allows fans to obtain what is essentially Perfume merch that they can wear, but also provides a cool fan space for them to check out - as Perfume's closet is retailed in physical stores via pop-ups; complete with screens playing Perfume's music videos, posters of them everywhere, references to other collabs that they've done and also displays for their fragrance. So even if you have no intention of buying the clothes, there's something some-what to experience and see, which is nice. Especially for those who may be unable to see them on tour.

Perfume's closet | Random J Pop

You'd think this collection would be cheap, because Perfume's outfits look cheap and look like actual garbage half the time, so it'd be true to their brand. But this shit is EXPENSIVE! That plain white T-shirt Nocchi is wearing costs £60 / $80. The jacket Kashiyuka is wearing? £270 / $350.

The whole collection looks like clothing from GU (UNIQLO's sister brand, which is literally the Japanese equivalent of Primark) and yet they wanna be charging COS and Theory prices?!


It's working for them, because this shit be selling out. But Perfume ain't seeing none of that money.

Whilst the image above features some of THE worst styling, there are some nice pieces amongst it. I love me oversized sweaters. So I'd definitely rock the sweater a-chan is swearing if it came in a size that fit me. I usually shade a-chan in shots where Perfume are try'na be fashionable and shit, but her look really is the best out of the three. I don't know what the fuck kinda look they gave Nocchi. But then again, team Perfume stay sabotaging a bitch.

Perfume's off-stage fashion during the Future pop phase has been...questionable and yet the most decent we've seen from the girls in quite some time. I do wish their stage looks would go back to being a bit more fashion, and less costume / performance outfit. Their looks for "If you wanna", "Mugen mirai" and "Let me know" were steps in the right direction. And they've been serving some great looks in their magazine appearances over the past few months. They looked great in the October issue of Vogue Japan and the September issue of L'Officiel. But then I look at the dresses on that Future pop album cover and I wretch.