Hikaru Utada drops a United Nations remix of "Too proud", featuring XZT, Suboi & EK

Hikaru Utada - Too proud (L1 remix featuring XZT, Suboi & EK) | Random J Pop

Well, this was unexpected.

Hikaru Utada has released a remix of "Too proud". The original of which featured on her 7th Japanese studio album Hatsukoi and featuring UK rapper Jevon.

Now. I liked the original version of the song. But took issue with how repetitive it was and that it needed some additional production to really help elevate it into the banger it had the potential to be. So for this remix to come out of the blue and deliver that has left my wig in distress. It still doesn't bang as hard as it should, but this remix is a MASSIVE improvement on the original version.

Hikaru decided to be different and extra by putting out a Japanese album with a song that featured a black UK rapper. But she wasn't done. So now we get 3 new rappers. And as the queen of unity and togetherness, we get a male Chinese rapper (XZT), a female Vietnamese rapper (Suboi) and a male Korean rapper (EK). Hikaru Utada is out here giving us the Asian version of "We are the world". Quincy should call a bitch.

The only other J-Pop Queen I can think of who had collaborated with artists outside of 'her people' is Namie Amuro; who did a collabo with Jolin Tsai, After school and Crystal Kay (she black ya'll). I like to think that Hikaru Utada met Namie Amuro whilst she was in London a couple of weeks ago and that Namie was like "Bitch. Run Asia. Not just Japan. Go put non Japanese people on the track and let them have it".

Let me just say, that I am so here for artists in J-Pop releasing remixes of songs post album drops. SO here for it.

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